Sandra A Rempel, BSc PhD

Biomedical Science Editing and Writing


Copyediting prior to manuscript, proposal, or thesis submission. This service ensures that your writing utilizes correct sentence structure, grammar, word usage, and spelling. I will make sure that tables, graphs, illustrations, formulae, or equations are consistent and accurate within a designated style (e.g., AMA or journal guidelines). I will check and revise reference lists for accuracy, completeness, and style. (The author must provide the guidelines necessary for the journal submission.)

Proofreading journal proofs after manuscript acceptance. I will proofread the journal proofs against the last manuscript edit to ensure that any corrections are appropriate and that no new issues have been introduced. (The author must provide the guidelines necessary for the journal submission.)

Substantive/structural editing. This editing involves the clarifying or reorganizing of a manuscript/proposal/thesis for content and structure. Sentences might be polished and reworded to improve clarity and flow, and to get rid of repetition, clumsy wording, an overuse of passive voice, or convoluted sentence structure. Sections may need to be rearranged and subheads might be reworked to improve their flow.

The edits for the above will be tracked and highlighted, but not yet accepted, so that you can see exactly what was done. You will have the option of accepting or rejecting each individual edit. I will also provide a second copy of your document that incorporates all the edits in final form ready for submission.

Developmental editing. As I read your manuscript or proposal, I will assess the development of the ideas and presentation of the data. If problems exist, I will suggest revisions as appropriate. At this point, you would determine whether to further engage my services to include re-writing and reorganization of manuscripts or proposals to improve readability and clarity. For this type of editing, it might not be possible to track and highlight individual edits. Instead, paragraphs or whole sections with changes may be highlighted.

Turnaround time. Your document will be returned as quickly as possible. Documents will be placed in the queue and edited in the order received. It typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on document length and current workload. For grant proposals, a minimum 14-day window is requested, but may take longer depending on the state of the submission. Authors should consider this when faced with their journal or granting agencies’ submission deadlines. I will provide a quote based on the submitted manuscript, proposal or thesis with a description of services agreed to, and an estimate of time and cost. I will start the project once I have received a signed contract.

Guarantee. I can neither guarantee publication of edited manuscripts, nor guarantee funding of submitted grant applications. The journal or the funding agency makes the decision to accept the manuscript or to fund the grant application, respectively.

Confidentiality. I will provide you with my Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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